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Nerdy boy swag

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I am clean seeking for. Very discreet, and clean. He does a little singing, and he's pretty good at Jamie Cullum, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Jack Johnson and Michael Buble styles.

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Fun piece.

The chroma key effect works over key board and dance sequence but could be framed better more of nerd guy. The camera motion zooms in hallway are nicely. The shot of the rapping at the computer get old. nerdy boy swag

Change angles. Lip sync off in parts.

You have some different layers school, chroma key shots and computer screen but this piece needs more of those types of shots and less of the single computer shot. Good to use a key at the nerdy boy swag to give credit.

Dover Delaware Alarm Lol

Funny video concept. Talent did a great job "keepin it real".

Liked the idea of using a green screen to key in a keyboard behind the talent at nerdy boy swag Footage shot in the hallway at school was good, but lighting - whether from exterior or florescent caused a nerdy boy swag. Would be more creative to dramatically light the talent - if possible. Video seemed to be a bit on the long.

Better beat editing would help with slow editing pace. When recording footage from a computer monitor, or when changing location, be sure to white balance.

This will ensure that your footage will not have a blue or yellow tint. The "nerd" in this video was great!

Really funny. The slow motion effects were good.

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The pacing was very slow - cutting to a close-up would help this problem. Audio sync issues. Judge 1 Positives: Judge 2 Positives: Judge 3 Positives: